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2014 Division of Palliative Medicine

Front Row:  Allison Alessi, Administrator; Katie Stowers, DO; Kelly Wu, MD; Jillian Gustin, MD; Paola Genovese, MD;  Ellin Gafford, MD

Second Row:  Didi Loseth, APRN; Mary Jane Williams, MSW; Debi Chakeres, MSW; L Candace Jennings, MD; Hoa Pyles, PCA

Third Row:  Ryan Nash, MD;  Jenna Hirsh, MD;  Paula Music, RN;  Rebecca Woodgeard, Fellowship Coordinator;  Janet Snapp, Administrator; Amber Hartman, PharmD;  Robert Taylor, MD

Fourth Row:  Kim Frier, NP; Robin Vachon-Kraut, NP; Allison Paugh, RN; Sarah Sacco, Patient Revenue Cycle Specialist; Tracy Reyes, NP

Fifth Row: Beth Clark, NP; Julie Twilley, RN; Lynetta George, RN; Pam Hendricks, Patient Revenue Cycle Specialist

Not pictured: Lauren Goodman, MD; Meri Mucha, MD; Kavitha Norton, DO; Jennifer Browning, NP; Helen McCarthy, NP; Allison Hagen, Administrative Assistant; Doreen Fast, Administrative Assistant

2014 Division of Palliative Medicine