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The Center for Palliative Care Team, which consists of professionals from various specialties, offers consultation for controlling persistent pain and treatment of symptoms including fatigue, weakness, nausea and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, depression, shortness of breath as well as psychological issues associated with life-limiting or advanced disease.

The team works together to ensure each patient receives the most appropriate, personalized care available.

The Palliative Medicine Care Team

Ellin Gafford,MD

Ellin Gafford, MD
Medical Director



Todd Barrett, MD


Kavitha Norton, DO

Pina Patel, MD

Robert Taylor, MD




Stephanie Abel, PharmD

Amber Hartman, PharmD

Amber Hartman, PharmD



 Didi Loseth, APRN, ACHPN

Beth Clark, CNP


Sarah Everhart, ACNP

Kim Frier, CNP, ACHPN








Doreen Fast 

Doreen Fast
Administrative Assistant

Monica Scranton
Division Administrator

Elaine Vorwerk
Program Coordinator