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Patient Care

Advance Directives

Living Will:
A written document executed by a competent adult governing the use or continuation, or the withholding or withdrawal, of life-sustaining treatment, operational only when the patient is in a terminal condition or permanently unconscious state and unable to make decisions.

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care:
A legal document created by and individual designating another person to make health care decisions for that individual in the event he/she loses the capacity to make informed health care decisions for himself/herself.

Do Not Resuscitate  (DNR Order):
A medical order issued by a physician that identifies an individual and states that cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR (chest compressions, electric heart shock, or artificial breathing tubes) is not to be administered to the person identified.  For assistance, contact the physician.

DNR Comfort Care-Arrest: 
The state-approved protocol is activated only when the patient experiences cardiac or respiratory arrest.  The patient should receive all appropriate care, including resuscitative care, up to the point that the patient suffers cardiac or respitory arrest.  For assistance, contact the physician.

DNR Comfort Care:
The state-approved protocol is activated immediately.  Only comfort care as defined in the state-approved protocol can be provided.  No resuscitative care is permitted.  For assistance, contact the physician. 

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